The Red Wings got shut out for two straight games, against the Blue Jackets, and Predators. The Red Wings lost both 3-0, and look for a better performance against the Rangers tonight at 7:30.

The First period was all Preds, from shots on goals to goals scored. The Predators outshot the Wings 11-6, and scored at the 3:18 mark of the first period. The Wings never caught up after that.

The Second period was more even on shots, but the Preds scored a late goal, at 14:03 played in the second. The Wings were thrown off after that, going into the third.

The Third period showed a showcase of Wings shots, but no goals. The Predators scored their third on a goal at 17:39. That put the clamper on any Wings hope. The buzzer rang for the second straight Wings game with no goals.

The Wings face the Rangers Monday night, Tonight at 7:30 for a chance at a goal, and more importantly, a win. The Wings still remain in 2nd, at 68 points