The Wings have been on a bad streak as of late. This losing, if not for the great start by the team would land them on the edge of not making it. Here is the recap

The First period had a lot of scoring, all for the Preds. Two goals, scored at 3:09, and 14:13 of the first showed the Preds some momentum, which they took deep into the second period too.

The Second period threw the Wings fully off. The Preds scored at 1:03, and 10:26 of the period, taking a 4-0 lead, and basically knocking the Wings chances of coming back out of place. The Wings managed one goal at 16:02 played. but it wasn't anything or enough.

The third period showed no scoring, and the Wings lost again at the Joe. Many fans were glad to see that game overwith and where it ended. The Wings still remain in 2nd, at 70 points in the western conference