The Wings enter a game against the Hawks to possibly put themselves in good shape entering the postseason, the Sharks have caught up to the Wings for second and a Wings loss could put them into 3rd. They play their rivals and look for a huge win to possibly knock their rivals out of 8th, with every game counting for the Hawks. Lets take a look at both of the teams last 2 games...


Game #1- The Wings held a commanding lead in the West at this time, and faced the league leading Canucks, feeling they could take it over. The Wings scored one goal, and lost 2-1 at the Joe.

Game #2- The Wings defated the Maple Leafs 4-2, and mostly had the advantage in the game, leaving them a 1 game winning streak to face the Hawks


Game #1- The Hawks shutout the Panthers, and continued their good run getting them back into the postseason race....

Game #2- Hawks blew a late crushing lead to the Ducks. suffering a hard loss, putting them into 8th, only 2 points ahead of 10th. The Hawks enter the game against the Wings on a 1 game losing streak