The Red Wings got enough goals, and won for Chris Osgood's first post 400 win. Now at 401, Osgood is headed in the right direction at the end of his career. Red Wings scored late, but better late then never, and here is the recap:

The First period had a pair of goals, to tie it up at 1 each at the end. One goal scored at the 3:43 mark of the first, a goal by Henrik Zetterburg. That led to a close battle for the second goal of the game, which in the end went to the Oilers, and Gilbert Brule at the 11:38 mark.

In the Second period, at the 6:40 mark, Todd Bertuzzi scored for the Red Wings, making the score 2-1 Red Wings, then followed up shortly later, was the goal by Kris Draper at 10:43. That gave the Red Wings the 3-1 lead to end the second period.

In the Third period, the Oilers got back at the Wings. Tying it up, but first with a goal from Theo Peckham at 4:54. Followed by a goal half way through the period by Sam Gagner, to give the Oilers the tie, with 11:31 played. but the answer wasnt a loss for the Wings. Nor was it a Overtime at least. The Wings fought back and at 17:10 got a goal to take the 4-3 lead late in the game. Time was against the Oilers, who eventually gave up a goal at 17:54 played, ending the hope of a tie game, and a win.