The Red Wings were looking for a win at home against the leagues worst Edmonton Oilers, but it didnt look good until it was almost too late, here is the recap:

The First period had only one score, Ryan Jones's 15th at 6:40 gave the Oilers the 1-0 lead early in the 1st, it stayed that way until late into the 3rd.\

The second had no scoring and only 3 penalties, 2 to Edmonton and 1 to Detriot.

But the third was the same, until 19:35 left, when Lidstrom scored his 14th and tied the game 1-1, it led to Overtime and the Wings got a point.

Overtime was dominated by the Wings. It remained that way until Datsyuk scored his 21st, at 4:18, giving the Wings the crazy, miracle comeback.

The Wings would look back to this game as a possible season changer for a big run. The Wings being dead and out of this game, pulled back and won was something to watch for all of the Wings fans